Jake’s Story

Jake is one of the Ethan’s Fund Scholarship award winners to receive funding for his stay at The Culver Alumni sober living house on the Dewey campus. He is an amazing example of what happens with the funds you help us raise.
“I had been in a coma, read my last rites, and lost most, if not all hope, before I was able to get into Dewey. When I was discharged I had only $600 to my name. I would not have been able to move into the Alumni house to continue my journey without the scholarship. I was able to find a job within the first two weeks and make just enough money to pay for the next month and some food and essentials. Since then I have been able to get into the profession I went to school for, buy a car, and accumulate a year of of sobriety.” – Jake B.
Jake’s journey started with an Ethan’s Fund Scholarship to The Culver Alumni House at The Dewey Center. With that opportunity he worked hard everyday to continue to do the next right thing.
We are all so proud of Jake. Ethan’s Fund is about creating these opportunities and supporting individual’s recovery journey while fighting the stigma of addiction these individuals deal with daily.

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