Bubba’s Story

The story of Isaac “Bubba” Solis Jr.

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Born in September of 1993 and raised in Milwaukee, WI, Isaac Solis, Jr. began his journey through life. He was given the nickname “Bubba” by his grandma while still in his mother’s womb. Bubba was an only child for 10 years, until his little sister arrived. Even with the age difference, those two were very close.

Bubba was very close with his grandpa. When he was younger he would watch his grandpa while he worked on cars. Bubba always liked to be around cars and soon enough he started to work on them with his grandpa. Once he got older they would spend hours talking; showing each other cars and discussing what they would do with those cars.

After graduating from high school Bubba attended Milwaukee Area Technical College and took some courses on auto body and mechanics. Bubba was very talented; he could take a car apart and put it back together. Which led him to his auto body and detailing career. Bubba’s talents did not stop with cars, he also enjoyed drawing and painting, helping family and friends with remodeling homes, landscaping, and snow removal.

He always made sure he gave his loved ones a hug and kiss, before he started cracking jokes. Always selfless and thoughtful of others, it brought a huge smile to Bubba’s face to see loved ones happy. We remember Bubba as a very happy person, well groomed and always dressed in the latest styles; appearances were big for him.

Bubba was a hard working, loving and caring person – always sharing and willing to help any type of person. Bubba’s addiction to Opioids lasted a few years. Ultimately, he fell victim to Fentanyl when he took a fake pill laced with fentanyl. Bubba will be Forever25. Fake pills are being sold not only on the street but on social media platforms and your child, your brother, your aunt, your partner, your best friend has access to what they believe to be Adderall, Xanax, Oxy, Vicodin, Percacet … but they’re fake pills and just ONE PILL has enough fentanyl in it to kill them. Have the conversation with those you love now please.

Please check out One Pill Kills – initiative created in Bubba’s honor to raise awareness around Fentanyl Poisoning

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