Spirit Son

Robin Monson-Dupuis, psychotherapist and substance abuse counselor, lost her son Ethan to a heroin overdose after an eight-year journey of trying to help him stay alive. The loss of Ethan shattered everything in her world. She wrote Spirit Son: A Mother’s Journey to Reconnect With Her Son After His Death From Heroin Overdose about surviving her pain, beginning to heal, and even finding growth after her traumatic loss.

“Robin generously shares with the reader her use of many different sources to finally come to a spiritual healing and reconciliation with her son.”

Lance Long, MD, Psychiatrist, The Dewey Center – Specializing in Addiction Medicine, working in the trenches of the opioid epidemic

“Robin risks everything that is familiar and precious to embark on a soulful and courageous journey through the darkness of death to eternal connection. For anyone who has ever longed to feel connected with someone they love, anyone whose loss has been life-changing, anyone who wants to find their way home…there is something healing in this book for you.”

Laura Riggle, PHD, Clinical Psychologist

“A naked and potent voice on the topic of sudden death to heroin overdose, Robin allows the gorgeous revelation that our sons and daughters and safe and potentially thriving in realms beyond their bandwidth on earth.”

Leslie Rutkowski, Behavior Health Educator, Writer and Professional Advocate